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    I’m hema from Bangalore. I’m in relationship with a guy since an year. this is a long distance relationship. The guy with whom I’m in love with has serious psychological problems. He has the problem of being stressed up for very little things. He is very insecure and he has a fear of losing me and he is also scared of something bad happening to me.

    As he had thought that it was impossible to make me happy as he had such psychological problems, he started ignoring and hurting me intentionally with an intention of breaking up. as I could not tolerate things, even I accepted to break up one fine day.

    later after few hours he told me all truths behind of why actually he wanted to break up with me and I was shocked to hear that. He told me that he had undergone 7 sittings with a psychiatrist but it was of no use.

    previously I had faced this problem with him once but I somehow made him understand things but now I’m in search of some permanent remedy for his problem.

    I hope there is someone to help me out. regards and thank you..



    Hey hema , he has the fear of losing the things which he loves the most. Its common in many people but he had little bit more. He may have this kind of nature from his teenage or even frm his childhood. You can try to realise him that he can change his way of thinking and should take everything positive.



    I have a very much similar problem.
    We hail from the same city. But now we live miles apart and have totally different environments. She likes fun and being with people. Well I am kind of a person who doesn’t like to change suddenly along with change in my environment. She is kind of happy with the way she has changed. We both come from a bit of conservative families. But she still has always been kinda member of the popular groups in school n now even in the college. Back when we were together back in our city, we completed each other very well. In fact we encouraged each other so much that we are in the best colleges of our particular fields.

    Well I was extremely possessive about her. But some how I managed to reduce that. But I guess she was already fed up of this. Long back she finds a nice guy in her college who had a crush on her. So she started ignoring the person. But its not nice to do so, hence a few days back she she went on a walk with the boy. They talk and in the end the boy kisses her. She doesn’t do anything bout it, coz maybe she was shocked. She feels bad bout cheating on me she keeps this burden in herself for five days and tells me. I go mad, but now I told her that it is okay and was a stupid mistake, so lets forget it.

    Now she ignores me. But when I asked her if she likes the boy, she said that she is not sure and she is confused.

    She says that she has changed and she likes it. And when she talks to me she feels that I am pulling her back to how she was.
    But I am not very happy bout the change, but I swear, I am ready take her for what she is.

    How can I impress and attract her back to me.
    I want my Sweet back….. What should I do….. I love Her
    And can do anything for her….
    Pl get back to me asap
    Need help

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    khushi singh

    Hey chin, first of all u need to understand that u can’t force anyone to be with u. U just let her free. Have patience and let the correct time come coz in situations like urs normally ppl start forcing or making other one realise bout how much they love n all but all these things irritates the other person which ultimately creates the Distance between the two. So better stay calm and patient and let her make her own decision

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