Problem in marriage after having baby due to divorced sister in law

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    after shedding loads of tears i have decided to seek help from this forum…I am married for four yras and mother of a 11 months old baby…my marriage had faced problems right from day 1.I stay with my inlaws ,divorced sister in law and her daughter.My sister-in laws daughter was very jealous of me since i am married to her uncle i dont know why and she had created loads of problmes,used abusive languages etc etc etc she is 18 yrs old and herself suffered from depression and presently under treatment.somehow she has improved from her obsession towards her uncle but once my child is born he mother that is my sister in law has started creating problem in my life now she is obsessed with my son.i am loosing all my patience .there has been tremendous fights and arguments but nothing has improved.My relationship with my husband has also deteriorated and now i don’t think there is any love left.I am not leaving that house because i want to give my son a normal life.Please help.



    So sister your problem is not actually with your husband it is with your sister in law and from her daughter, so don’t be rude with your sister in laws daughter as you told that she was not well matured. Be show some love to her i know it’s difficult for u but try this way first then your sister in law and ur husband also will be happy with this and they will cameto know u have not done any mistake..
    So please don’t think any negative things all will become well. If it’s not worked then i will give u another solution.:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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