Problem in Married life but loves husband so much….

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    Hi I m married from 5 years, it was a love marriage, we both love each other, but the problem is that my husband loves his colleague(unmarried) who is 2 years elder than him and she also loves him so much, in fact they both love each other so much. My husband loves both of us and can’t leave anyone of us and want us to live together but we are not ready to live together. we both want, either he leaves me or her.
    the situation got worse now, can’t tell this to anyone in our family. Our parents can’t handle this pain. That girl is very good in nature but now she is into such a depression that she can do anything and this is the reason my husband is unable to take any decision.
    Even they tried once to be apart but they couldn’t, and I m also not able to leave my husband because I love him a lot, we have 20 years of relationship. we never fought, we never argued, but these days the situation is getting worse.
    That girl couldn’t marry anyone due to her family reasons and now she do not want to marry just because her love towards my husband.
    I don’t have kids as I have some health issues, I m helpless, please suggest me something which helps us taking decisions.
    I want my life like before, I want my husband back.



    Dear Friend,
    Hats off to you who is taking her husband’s affair so sportingly.
    Just ask a question to yourself…..
    Had your reaction been the same if you had kids?
    You say that you husband loves you and her equally…Is it possible for you to have the same feelings for someone else and your husband too? Answer yourself and brainstorm.

    Please involve your families into this and reach to a conclusion. In this way no one would be benefited.

    I am not a psychologist . Kindly use your discretion to my suggestions.
    Take Care

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