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    I suffered from a psychological problem from past several year when i go to give presentation or any public speaking forum a feeling comes in my mind that i definitely stuck during my presentation and it really happen i try hard that this feeling not come in my mind i start speaking very well but after some time that feeling come in my find and after that i start stucking in almost every word however as a 1st year mba student i gave almost 20 presentations in which five of them are memorable everyone praised me after that presentations actually at that presentations i was so confident that this negative feeling surpassed but in most of presentations that feeling dominant and destroy me can someone tell me how can i get rid of that feeling and if that feeling come in my mind during presentation how can i overcome that.



    Hi actually it is not a big problem, many feels like that. It is just happens when u feel shy or some fear that u will going to say anything wrong, what happens if anybody laughs on me like. So always have confident on urself that u will not going to do anything wrong. Be bold in speaking with everyone. Don’t fear with speaking with any one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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