problems inmy life.SIGH….PLEASE HELP

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    I always suffer from obsessions.These are just one of the various psychological problems i have.a girl in my gym hits on me…i don’t want to be with her because i want to focus on my career.i wish i could balance both lives,but its difficult considering the demands of the time to be spent with the girl…also,my crappy thoughts would come into place in the day time, wanting to talk with her…creating a series of unended obsessions( such as the ones i have had in the past…which creates lack of focus during crucial times)…what would you recommend me?


    1-balancing both lives(how should i do without thinking about her in daytime and stopping a series of unended thoughts/obsessions)

    2-focusing on my career(i want to make it big-REALLYYYYYYY BIGGGGGG)-HOW DO i get her out of my mind.

    give me your opinions on both options

    i want to not think about her or any thoughts.
    i always have various thoughts in my mind…how should i really get rid of them?????…please help

    also if you could suggest an article/book/application/software or any other material that could help me,i would be really thankful

    other serious problems:

    -bipolar personality disorder

    -i keep thinking about what i would say/how i will act in various situations in past and future….sometimes laughing at it/sometimes feeling proud of it…

    eg 1. thinking about what i would tell my crush and laugh over it

    2. thinking about addressing the media or giving some motivation speech after i got successful

    obsessions and thoughts remain a problem as well..please please help

    need happy hormones


    [email protected]

    hi, i am jst a normal person..i can suggest u somethng…we all do wht u do…thee are not serious problem,,we thnk wt we did..feel proud..feel obessed…u r way to thnking about it all……
    see problem is a problem,,untill u call it a problem….

    make big…focuss on carreer…gals thought r normal..thy will come and practice in ur mind that this thought is good but i cud thnk more better thngs like sleeping,,,resting,,carreer thoughts…

    problems appear big coz we make them big…practice to make it small..ur age ….is to se gals and feel good n normal thats u r doin it…dont feel tht somthng wrong.

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