psychological distress

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    l am a 36 yrs old healthy male.i had a acute gastric attack (which I learnt later that it was just gastritis)around an year back while I was on board a flight.Since I never had experienced such a thing in past,I paniced and felt like I am going to die or collapse. By the time I got down the plane after an hour or so I was perfectly fine so I did not pay much attention to that episode. But for subsequent days I started habing panic attacks in the middle of the nights and I felt like having no control over my mind and that I may go mad.Twice I went to seek medical help but I was just given a sleeping pill which helped me sleep.Thankfully the problem stopped after couple of days.But after another 8-10 days I again felt uncomfortable and was taken to a doctor and when my blood pressure was checked it was 65-90.I was admitted to a nursing home and administered IV in order to increase my BP.But it remained same till late in the evening. Next day I underwent a series of tests to pinpoint the problem but it was of no use.I was thus discharged from the hospital.The only thing I told all the doctors whom I met during my stay at the hospital that I feel that there is not adequate flow of ooxygen to my brain.The problem has since been reoccurring from time to time wherein I feel total loss of control over my mind and certain feeling of suffocation in my brain.I get normal on my own after couple of hours or so as I try and go off to sleep.
    l also feel continuous stress of having such attack again.kindly help me with your wise advice

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