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    Hi Prachi,

    This is Ram(31) from Hyderabad, working in a MNC company.Got married two years ago. I have one child.

    I cannot understand what is my problem. Up to 27 years I was perfectly alright. I have confidence.( Even I can say Over confidecse).Interested to watch movies, going tours, wanted to make new friends. Whatelse A to Z I was doing. Was very Pro active and very optimist in each and every thing.

    But, since four years my confidence levels are going very down. Not interested to go out and talk to people.I am not finding any interest in my life. It is effecting my career very much.I don’t have any problems in married life. I came to know Bipolar disorder. It is matching with my mental condition. My mood changes often.Earlier my feelings, and mind set like very positive/overwhelming/strong desite to achieve any thing… Is that I have Bipolar desorder?

    I have so many goals to achieve. But becoming very lazy day by day. I want to gather my strenth to reach high( Economically,socially).

    Please help me prachi. I am going down. Still I have confidence in me that I can do anything..But something is pushing me back…

    Please help..

    Thanks & Regards,

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