regarding my parants abnormal behaviour after self decided marriage.

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    Dear sir,
    we have a small, financialy average family with very strong careing nature and love for each other. Im their only son. Since birth they put their best possible effort for my uplifting and upbringing. they compromised all there wellness for me. its only for them today Im an engineer working in an MNC. for me they are my world and for them Im all. I will be just a body without fillings if my parents are not with me. my only dream is to have a good united and happy family. problem may come and can be delt with priority.
    but I love a girl who belongs to SC backward family , also not looks so pitty . she only completed 12th wereas I’m an engineer. for all this my parents are opposing this. but we both love each other. she is very mature, understanding, compromising and careing. we have just completed our 7th year of relationship this april. we already registered our marriage last December. which is not accepted by my parents as they oppose this relationship since they knew. my wife knew everything but she never complain ed me about my parents after several mis behaviour. she always keeps me pushing to do the best for them as I dreamt off. hats off to her. some times I thought that without her support I will be not able to keep my promises towards my family. im very lucky to have her.
    but now my parents asking me to divorce her and re marry. which is next to death for me. I already told them that this is impossible. after that they were creating many emotional pressures on me. my parents reacting like any thing. specially my mom. she has got a very strong ego. for which the family environment is effected badly. please suggest some suitable that can halp to decrease the ego of my parents and to how I tell them that me and my wife is always trying the best for them?

    sourav ghosh

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