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    I am a 26 yr female, got married 6 mnths bck with a 28 yrs old guy. We were into a relationship for 3 yrs. At the very begining of our relationship my husband showed himself to be a very polite, loving, caring type of person. He actually tried to trap me in his love. A couple of months after his proposal he told me that he was physically involved with girls and is suffering frm a STD. I being an emotional fool couldnt leave him coz i loved him a lot. I accepted him, his disease, evrything… even after knowing that i will also be infected at some point of time. I sacrificed my entire life for this person and got married to him. Nw at this point of time, he has forgotten all my sacrifices. He dominates me, leaves no situation to harrase me, gives me threatenings. If i try to speak to him to make things better, he says he will continue to be what he is, if i am not happy, i can leave him. He scolds me for no reasons and treats me like a slave. I attempted suicide also once but i am still alive. I am in a very shocking condition. Why such a thing is happening to me when i sacrificed my entire life for him. Plz help, i am pissed off. There is no hope left. What should i do?

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