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    i hav a boy friend we were friends thn we fell in love. he is an intellingent boy and very talented. he has helped me in so many ways to study.etc.but he keeps fighting with me everytime. i asked him to spend time with me but he is asking me to talk with him all the time and am unable to do it.he is not allowing me to talk with the other boys in the class. if i ask y he is telling i left all the relations for u la so u also leave everybody. if i talk with anybody d whole day he will fight till 1 o clock and i will hav to beg for forgiveness. feel like whatever i do he wil find out some wrong and i end up crying evry day iam depressed. if i say i want time for my studies he is asking studies is ur priority na hav all your time ill go.he asks me so many questions like wat hav u done for me?? u can only take love can’t give love. i feel like wat i do is right. is it wrong for me to ask time to study and do my other works?? should i not talk to my friends?? if i ask all these questions he tells i justify myself. one day he slapped me in front of everybody in the college. hough the fault was mine am unable to stand somebody slapping me. i spoke to him again. all the classmates in the college are talking behind about us. most of them in the class don’t talk with him. he stands out in the crowd. am unable to tolerate the sufferings anymore. feel like he is not my better half. he is showing too much of attitude and am disturbed feeling very bad.plz hel

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