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    I m 21 yrs old. I had a love and my lover is very sweet to me. i was also very sincere to him. but now, he is not in a job and this became a serious and strong reason for my parents to turn against us. as i m doing my masters degree, i had to depend wholly on my parents and could not disobey their words. so we broke up. but still he is calling me, he is not able to forget me. on my side, i m also feeling depressed without him, but could not express this to him as he would take more advantage on this. i refused a proposal too thinking of my past life. now i m very much confused and need a solution on whom should i believe and marry. also the second proposal was from my colleague, and he also loves me so much. i fought with both of them and now i fell depressed. i have nobody to share my pain. please help me out of this.

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