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    Respected sir,
    I m a girl of 19 years.. I m currently in a long distance relationship with a guy. Its been 8 months we have been together.. I’m a college student but my boyfriend works as mechanical engineer in a company. We both almost fight a the time. Just because i dont get enough time from him.. I made him understand but he asks me to understand his situation.. My family condition is not stable and i never got love from my parents since my childhood.. I love this guy so much that i have been hurting myself by not eating or cutting my hands or trying to attempt suicide . He doesn’t bother anymore. He feels i m blackmailing him. Everytime we fight its me who goes behind him and pleads him. But i m a girl who needs love and attention. The situation is getting worse everyday. He keeps on shouting at me. It hurts me. Yesterday also i asked him time after his office hours but he said he feels irritated and asked me to go and sleep. I pleaded that i have been waiting to talk to him. He got mad at me saying dont u start u Ramayana again. Hang the phone and don’t call me again. I always want to talk to him. I cant be without talking to him. So i called him again and i asked y r u hating me? Do u want breakup? He said yes. I cried and told ok. After that i did not call him and he also did not call me. But i couldn’t stay for a long time without hearing his voice. So i called him today afternoon but he did not pick my call. Later he switched off his phone as i kept on calling. When he came to facebook i texted him pleading to talk to me but as soon as he saw my message he went offline. His phone is switched off. He changes his sim number often. I m unable to talk to him and feel like dying. Pls help me



    Hi Sony,

    You are too young and having lack of maturity. First of all why you are doing the wrong act of hurting yourself? See don’t run away with life and enjoy it.

    When you are in a relationship it means two people like each other; enjoy each others company. But I guess you understood that you become the master of that person. Your boyfriend is feeling that you are interfering his freedom. Since he is doing a job so he has some sort of responsibility. He may have work pressure. In this case if he has work stress and you start saying that you are not calling, talking and meeting then it will irritate him.

    So calm down. If you really love him then improve your understanding with him.
    My Suggestions:
    1) Call him or message him Sorry. If possible go and meet him and say sorry for your behavior.
    2) Give him some room and freedom.
    3)Stop hurting yourself. This is not going to help you but add pain in your life.

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