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    i was in living relation for 2 yr with my love we are having 5 yr realtion.before living relation we are in long distance relationship …in this last 2 yrs we left our homes and started living with each other but after sumtimes i get to know many thing abut him like he drinks a lot.he lied to me about his life and education but also i stay wid him bcos i love him a lot.when he got angry he become very violent, hits me, abuse me.when we started together we dont have any finacial support i used 2 work in ofc and also take care of home. he help me sumtimes when i asked him otherwise nvr cum for help with his own interest..he sometimes giving many promises to make me happy giving me nice life but his nature of spending money is great prblem he used to drink alcohol saying i want party..7 to 8 times or family dont want i shud live with him bcos in my home i dnt need to do anything, watever i need i get living style hurts my family..they say he dont loves me.he is not responsible.i dnt understand leaving him is the right decision or not.i remember all the love moments share wid him..but we were fighting a lot too..cud anybody answer me..sumtimes i feel to go back but it happens many times he apologise and then he started doing the same things.what shud i do?shud i again give him the chance

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