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    i was in a relationship with a guy … initially i was not very serious and i lied to him a lot of times but i was guilty and sorry as well. i never cheated on him but i went out drinking with other male friend and lied to him and he caught me.. but he forgave me and we headed but he has become very aggressive he hold my collar and my arms and shouts outside my house but he loves me alot ..i want to leave himi am really guilty about lieing to him and i feel responsible for his behaviour.. he easily gets irritated from me and shouts at me and always blames me for his condition and when i say i will leave him , he starts drinking and acts like a maniac . he always want to be on the phone even when i am outside with my friends and when i am with my friends he says that i left him alone when his life is fucked up now but i feel guilty tat i did wrong to him

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