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    I recently got married.. around 6 months back. Ours was an arranged marriage. Before this marriage I was in a relationship with someone else for about 3 years and both the families readily accepted our relationship and we were supposed to get married also. But an unfortunate incident happended and my Ex-BF left me in this world alone. He met with an accident ( blown away in river due to some mishap) and till now we dont have any clue about him. Police authorities said that he is no more alive. This happened 2 days before our engagement.
    After this due to family pressure I got married ( after 1 year of this incident). But still I am not able to forget my Ex-BF and not accepted my husband.
    My husband is a nice man but still I am struggling in the relationship. I did marriage just because of my parent wishes. My in-laws are good. I have not told about my past relationship to my husband as he is very orthodox and possessive about me. He loves me very much.
    Now I am struggling and in too much of stress.
    What should I do to accept this relationship and to forget my past.

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