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    I m stuck in my personal life.I want some suggestions from you so that i can get rid of the probs.

    I have a boyfriend.Its been 7 years we r in relationship.In the begining nothing was from his side.i initiated everythin in our relationship.It took so many days for him to realize that he also loves me.He was a very scholar student.We were friends in school.Now we both are doing job in same city.even though We belong to different caste,he convinced his parents to marry me.Actually thats another story.i was attracted to some1 long back and i said the fact to him.But he never wanted to loose me so he convinced me and his parents nyway.I must say he is really good by his nature but he is an introvert and he never takes stand for himself wen it is required even.He is too much ambitious.even though he loves me so much,sometimes he tends to neglect me so much despite knowing the fact that i seek so much affection and love from him.sometimes it happens like i go mad without him.There was a time in recent past when he was completely busy in his study.i was missing him so much.sometimes situation came when i completely went mad..completely scattered without him.

    someoneelse entered my life during this time who is really madly in love with me.Its been 8 months i m in relationship wid him.Now i feel really happy when i go to him..when i spend time with him.What i feel is,,once upon a time i used to love my BF in this way ,the way he loved me.

    Now my marriage is fixed with my bf.I have shared all these things with my mom.She doesnot want my marriage to be broken.I dont have even guts to share it with my bf because he loves me so very much.I dont want to cheat him anymore.

    But i must say i really feel good with the other person..He is not so perfect bt i like the way he is and what i want he gives me everythng emotionally..physically.I always feel content with him.He knows abut my marriage being fixed.he knows everything abt my BF.

    I feel really lost.So please advise me what i need to do?

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