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    My boyfriend and I broke up four months ago. The reason? we belong to different religious backgrounds. We come from very orthodox families. He started getting really worried and wanted to end things soon, so we did. The worst part is we’re studying together in the same engineering college now! We started seeing each other in 12th grade, last year! It’s really very hard to be around him. Though we still talk as friends, I find it very hard to fake it. I still love him, and I think he feels the same way too. He still cares a lot. What do I do? I’m so confused. Please help. Do you think it’s too soon? was it wise for us to end it now? I’m completely losing it. I cannot imagine another day without him. We don’t talk about the break up anymore, and pretend like as though we’ve moved on (Well, atleast I do).
    It’s been four months, and my condition is still the same. There are times when I completely lose my mind. It’s unbearable. I know it’s like just another break up, but I cannot be stronger than this.

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