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    hi prachi,
    I am 28yrs old and going to complete 2yrs of married life in coming feb. In last 2 yrs i have faced many ups and down in my married life. I have an inlaws problem as well as compatabilty issues with husband. Actually my mother-in-law is a single parent and she and her doughter interfairs too much in my married life. apart from this they tries to creat misunferstanding between me and my husband by telling false stories.Every week mother in law will come up with something and creats a fight every 2-3 months she will try to break my.marrige and as you can she.because.of my sacrifies and my husbands understanding she is not successed till now. Because of her such defeats of her,mother-in-law use to run away from home to his doughters place. At first my husband doesnot say anything but slowly as days passes he will come under his mother n sisters influence aaaan starts blamming me. I gave up my c

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