Relationship , over possessiveness problem

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    Souvik De

    Hi, I’m in relationship . But I’m too much over possessive . I miss her every time. It’s a long distance relationship. She have a very important exam in next month so that she can’t talk to me in these days. But I’m feeling upset i don’t know why ? My career is going down. I can’t concentrate in my studies . What should i do ???



    Hi, Possessiveness is a common thing in most of the relationships. As you’re having a long distance relationship, it would be not so much difficult for you to stay without contacting her for another few days. She may be having a little schedule for her examination so she may thought talking with you may effect her studies by some feelings and emotions. So you have to give her a little time for making her future. At the same time you’re feeling difficult because of not talking with a person with whom you share everything happens in your life. But when it comes with career, you cannot be comprimised with certain things. So try to focus on your career not for you only but for both. By giving her some time you’ll be able to make a better career for both of you, which would help both in future. All the best

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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