Relationship problems

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    Hi Friends,
    I don’t have any new problem, I want help for a very common relationship problem which im not able to resolve alone.
    Im in relationship from 4 years, in the beginning it was very exciting and I was happy.Now, things have become complicated. My bf was dumped by his Ex gf.He was depressed and was hunting for a new relationship(he used to chat with any gal on fb, just for a new gf). I was a bright student and always away from these kind of stuff. In my final year of grad, I was feeling very lonely(bcoz my only frnd got year back and left hostel, I had no frnds in clg or hostel after she left)I was also depressed. Then this guy who was hunting for gf, started talking to me, at first I avoided, but later even I started talking to him. I felt nice n he proposed me in a week and we were in a relationship. From starting of our relationship I knew his habits boozing, smoking and drugs. But he always said me that after I came in his life, he left all these. we were in long distance for a year, later I moved to his city. I shifted only for him, i was doing MBA and he was studying. We had money problems, so he forced me to ask money from my parents stating some false reason. I denied. And we had our first fight. later I got job offer and he forced me to join. I joined that job, it didn’t have good work profile, but I was ok with day I caught him smoking, I fought with him, we brokeup.after which he came infront of my hostel and created a scene. so I had to console him. he used to ask money, gifts from me. I used to fulfill his demands. later wen I tried to resist, he used to fight. after few days he got job, still he was dependent on me financially.his family wanted him to get married to a gal and that gal’s family came to see him. after that he blocked me from fb n changed his relationship status to single, I was surprised as he was very open abt his relationship n even I had met his parents many times. after many fights he started ignoring me, my calls n msgs. I was very tired. I decided to breakup n move on. so I resigned my job, wen he got to know this he tried to stop me.behaved with me very well.but still I went.after leaving I felt terrible. I felt I cant b without him, so I returned back n now v r in livein. But he has changed a lot. he doesn’t trust me and always taunts me that u can run away any time. I can see hatred in his behavior.we don’t talk at all. he gets bored of me.n doesn’t even lik to get intimate.
    He has helped me a lot wen I needed him, especially wen I dint have job.but he doesn’t take responsibility. he knows only to spend money n not to pay them back.still we fight for financial reasons.i see my relationship dying. n I cant live with out him.
    Plz…help me.

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