Repeated thought, Not listening advice, blamming everyone

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    This is about my sister; she is impulsive, doesn’t listen to anyone, blaming everyone. Though these might sound very usual but the amount of traits she shown are really put us in a great stress. She illogical, she doen’t undersatnd logics, shot-tempered, less intelligent and she even finish her studies.

    Please allow me to explain bit better. She continiously talk with herself, she started to think some one is watching her, someone is telling her that this is not her child, the person she married is not her real husband (she married twice), she began to think some one whispering about her.

    Now, she is preagnant, different symptioms are also shown such as, bringing her past and blaming everyone that we are responsilbe for her, unusal attitude towards family members (very rough), keep talking about her past, unsual behavior while sleeping and fear.

    Now, this things also reflect on her body, sudden shaking of hands, legs. She keeps telling us, she hear Voices from others and keep blaming others.

    Now, we took her to lots doctor, first Medical, then, Psychologist, then Psychotherpist and so on.

    None, the truely identy her, what was wrong with her, lots treatment and medicine she took over the last 5 years. We did lots of examination, showing numerous doctors but yet nothing found on her brain and the doctors aren’t sure what is the disease?

    The best part is, She never listen to anyone and never take good advices or follow those, even from the families or Doctors. She do what she just like.

    Please assist, please assist, we really wish to find a solution instead of advice to give her positive life to live well.

    P.S. if you refer an Institution where we can Cure her, Please help on this. We want her to remove all old memories and give her a new life with strong personality, strong mind.


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