robbery in my house

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    I am from a middle class family. I am the single child of my parents. My family condition is good and I also doing well in my study and there is certainty of getting
    good job in next year. I was brought up with too much care and love by my parents and my relatives. So there was only happiness in my life till a incident happened two weeks ago. We have two houses one is our hereditary property and one is recently bought by my father. Two weeks ago when
    we were spending weekend in our new house which is 25 km apart from the old one a robbery took place in our old house, the hereditary one where we use to live most of the time. They took all of the ornaments we got. Our house was too difficult to break in. It was the most secured place in the locality. I have no attraction in money or ornaments and I do not care about there presence or absence. But the break in incident have made me traumatized. I cannot sleep at night. I cannot look at the broken cupboard and doors. They not only took the money but also took the peace
    from my mind. I just want to go away from my house to a place where I can get my peace back. To a place far from this. But I can’t because I have a family. I have important exams in a very short period but I cannot study. All the time I used to think about someone may be break in again this time may kill me or my family. The known sounds have become unfamiliar. So I used to become frightened by every small sounds. This problems may be very common or less important I don’t know but my life is going through hell. So if you can give me any suggestion that will be a great help.

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