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    I am in problem and worried for my daughter who is 16 years 8 months. Her contumacy/pertinacity is going to ruin her life. She has stopped her study and now want to marry a young man of 30 years. I told her that I am agree with the relation but she has to wait till attaining 18 years. After that I shall gladly accept it. But she is not ready to wait and informed us that she will leave house with in a week. All of our efforts in vain. Last Saturday, the 04th day of January’2014 she tried to committed suicide by cutting her hand vein with blade when the boy agreed with my proposal and asked her to accept it. The boy also told her that he also wants to have a discussion with his parents. I meet a psychologist and the psychologist prescribed one medicine but she refused to take it as she is not a mental patient.

    How can I refrain her for taking such decision at this age? I am ready to keep her in a hospital, if available.



    She needs serious counselling, not a psychiatrist but may be a psychologist or a teacher or someone who knows her well and with whom she is comfortable talking to! And don’t worry, she’ll turn around for the best…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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