Save my Married life

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    Dear Prachi,
    Please help me save my married life.I m writing a long thread as i want you to understand my situation.[/size]

    i have been married for 5 yrs n blessed with 3 beautiful daughters.v wer a very happy couple for the frst 2 yrs of our marraige.
    Problems started when we moved back from Dubai to Hyd for good.But evrythng turned worst.
    we started stayng with inlaws who created lot of probs bet me n my hubby,v fought almost evry day and later it become so intense tht my husband started physical abuse n I took police’s help n got his family n him booked.
    But somhw I felt I should giv him a chance n on his frends intervention he signed an AGREEMENT stating that he shall take care of me n my kids, shall nvr marry anyone else and incase v part ways he will not claim children.And hence i took the case back.
    And since then I stay with my parents and he visits us on weekend .He had suffered losses in business so i thought till he is financially set i should be here.
    I work in a school and make some money for my kids n rest my dad supports.My husband nvr gave us a single penny to us since last 2yrs.
    Now he is saying that for me to stay with him I should follow his conditions or else he will marry somone else.
    Husband conditions:
    I should deposit my jewellery(worth 5 L) in a joint account with him
    I should tear the agreement document
    leave my job
    and since his business is not doing well ,we will have to live with very less money .

    My PARENTS say that they will not let me give my jewellery n document to my husband as his intentions are not good.If he wants to start a new lyf with me he shouldnt have any conditions.
    My HUSBAND says if i really want him then i should prove my love by following his conditions.

    End of the day I want to stay with my husband as I really love him and I have 3 daughters who need their father.
    Plz guide me as to how can i solve the issue.

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