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    Well I don’t really know whats exactly wrong, however I feel I have become a whole lot negative person. I feel the people around me are not true to the world and just wearing a mask to show their fake-bright side. I can’t trust people easily because I feel they are either fake or will cheat me in near future. I feel people judge you by the way you look and nobody would ever try to understand how you really feel and how good you are from heart. I am scared, to be all alone in future because I feel I notice all negative things in a person and intentionally stay away from them. I rarely talk to my friends anymore because I feel completely unimportant in their lives. Maybe this is because of my insecurities and that I feel I can never be as good as others or maybe something else. I really hope I find a way to deal with this and how to look forward to good things in future and not avoid them altogether because of the way I overthink about everything.

    Amy Burdett

    (I hope this is not a duplicate. I tried to fix a typo and it deleted my first reply to this.)


    I hope it helps to know that you are not alone in feeling this way. While it may not improve your circumstances, it means that there are other people out here who know what it is to feel disconnected. Looking for help is a great first step. Those of us who tend to over-think our problems can miss things that we need to look at or focus on. It seems strange, but we can agonize over “Did I say something that turned my friends off?” or “Why can’t I be honest about my feelings?” when there might be underlying issues going on. This is where looking for help through therapy helps. A good therapist can see things that we may be unintentionally ignoring. Having someone take stock of our current situation as well as our thought habits and our emotional history can reveal things that can, sometimes over time, really change our understanding and/or outlook. It often does take time to unravel things, and sometimes you may not be seeing what looks like progress to you, but I hope you will keep at it. The effort of trying to get better, however you want to define that, can bring all kinds of positive things along the way. It probably won’t always be easy, but it is worth it, and I say this as someone who is also in the middle of looking for positivity (and a little lost right now.) Best wishes in your search for something better. It is out there.



    Hey Aastha, positivity is everywhere, in everything , in every moment and and more in yourself. The thing is only you need to realise that in yourself. The only thing is you’re not much more a talktive person and usually not share anything with anyone. As you don’t believe in people because something happened with you which caused you to think that people usually take advantage of you and may be they’ll not be liable with you. It’s may be happened in your life or you may heard or seen from anyone or anywhere.
    So can you tell me from when you’re feeling like this? I.e. from childhood itself or from school day’s or from any recent incidents? happened in your life

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