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    I’m a 15 years old boy. There has been problems between my parents since i was 12 years old and when I was 13, they both separated, since then I am living in a relative’s house, father doing job in another city and my younger sister living with my mother, both of them seperated from us(me and my father). Since the family problems started, since i was 12, my mother usually hated me and always used to curse me, all due to misunderstandings, and seeing her my younger sister too did the same. Currently I neither have any close friend nor any girlfriend.
    Now the scenario is that since i was 13, since after that seperation – from past 2 years, i am experiencing sure symptoms of Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Schizotypal personality disorder and Complex PTSD, and these 4 disorders are confirmed in me through various online screening tests I had taken.
    There is no one close enough with whom I can share my scenario and the symptoms of the four former mentioned disorders are too intense. (I preferred DSM III & IV and W.H.O. guidelines too before coming to a conclusion). I really need some serious help now. I am fairly good in my studies with more than 90% aggregate and have many extraordinary special achievements too due to bipolar’s hypomanic episodes but contradictory had attempted suicide too many times in my major depressive episodes of bipolar. Mood swings are extreme and the effect of Borderline PD is too catastrophic in my life. Please suggest some help.

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