serious threat to my career

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    I am a second year student of bsc hons.
    Right now i am pursuing the subject that i preferred . My problem is bsclly related with my studies .
    The enrmsty of the syllabus doesn’t bother me much… i try to cncntrte and study whole heartedly every nooks and crners of the chapters throught out the year .. and quiet an enthusiast .
    But the real problem strts when exams are around.. i lose my concentration and and i dn’t feel like studying any more.. i try to pull myself back but the next time i feel like running away .. i fear the exams.
    I have been facing this since iwa  in class 8 whn my mom stopped helpng me wid my studies all of a sudden .. for some obvious reasons and rwasons known best to her
    And past three years its really bothering me and my career ..
    I am not even an average student and but i  feel weak in handling pressure and expectation …
    Please , help me out of dis.. i need  a solution


    Sarvajit Ghosh

    hey bro listen just take a deep breath and calm down, its nt ur fault dat u come under prssre n lose concentration wen d xams approach it happns wid evrybdy it happns evn wid me, m pursuing BTech so u can undrstnd d prssre frm d vast syllabus…..

    wen my xams approach i jst do only 1 thng i jst thnk for a min or 2, dat yes i can do it, i chose dis path so i only hav to do it, watevr happns i will b responsible fr my decision, widout dis i cant go through ma lyf, it has to b done, n it must b done.

    my mom also stopped me teachng wen i ws in cls 6th she was confident abt me n she wantd me to b cnfidnt abt myslf
    bt dat doesnt mean dat she cant n wont hlp me wenevr i need hlp in my stdies
    wenvr i feel helpless n hopeless i go to her n ask her dat in wat way she would hav taught me dis tough topics den she would reel out a plan n i will refer to dose steps….though i no dat she neva stdied dose topics herslf coz her stream was entirely diffrnt frm my…..BT MOM IS MOM……she is evrythng….she knows evrythng abt u….

    So go back to ur mom tell her all d difficulties u r facng man it will hlp u…

    wish to hear frm u soon…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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