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    Dear MS Prachi,

    I am being very careful the moment l am typing this. Otherwise l will easily forget words. A year ago l got married and l am not happy with it till now. My wife is adamant who creates an issue and we start fighting every day. Few months after my marriage l got a problem in my stomach. Doctor said it was ‘acid reflux’ problem. I took treatment for it. But even after the treatment l feel light headedness and giddy. Even the moment l am typing this. I never feel ‘fresh and confident’. I don’t have any pain on any part of my body. But l always feel sick as if l am drunk. I can’t see a moving or rotating object. If I see it, I myself feel spinning. I get excessive sweat while walking (not exercise). My vision is not as clear as before my marriage.

    When walking l always feel ‘near-faint’ experience. I am not able to bear ‘calling bell sound’ and even my phone’s ringing tone. It seems to be irritating. I can’t memorise things, events and words. Checked up my BP and sugar level. Everything is normal. But what are all those problems…? What’s happening with me..?

    Please help


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