sexual abuse

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    ananya das

    till i was 13 years old my brother used to touch and see my private parts.he would try having sex too but couldnt because he was not an expert in that.he would tell me to touch his private parts lick his penis and all that but i never actually did so much though i always pretended to.he always told me dont tell anybody and i always remained scared of him.moreover i had no such knowledge about sex and did not know how serious it brother is 4 years older than i am 18+.i have shared dis thing with some of my very closed friends and they all have believed me but suppose one day i fall out with them due to some reason…and then just because we are friends no more they dont keep my secret?suppose they tell everyone i am not a virgin?i am very concerned about my character.i feel really that my brother is grown up and seems changed i dont feel scared of him anymore.but i am never sure whether i should forgive him from the heart and behave normally with him.please give your views and suggestions.

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