She says she will not if my my mother stays

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    Mine is an arranged one and since the day of my marriage i have been observing that my wife complains to everyone about my mother about some unnecessary issue. She does things in the way she likes, talks in the way she likes and even telling lies in favor of her is a habit to her. If something is said that it is not correct to do like that, she complains it as a mistake. In simple, what i understood is that she does and talks as she likes and nobody should question about that. Now she went to her home, staying at her home says that she will not be back if my mother is with us who has been living with me since birth. I even suggested my wife that to think from my view. Even then she simply says that she has decided. There’s no proper person the other side. Her father divorced leaving her mother whom i came to know that has done mistakes in the same way saying that they should live separately. And now the daughter too behaves the same way. Based on the complaints she had been saying, we doubt that she must be having this plan right from the marriage and so looking for an opportunity every time what to complain of and get rid of my mother. She even complained before marriage that her mother never took care of her and after marriage i understood that they are 2 best friends. We doubt all this is being the guidance of her mother who is divorced long back. What a hell is it that she says that she will not come home if my mother stays? Can anyone help me why that girl behaves that way? And moreover i doubt that what will be the guarantee that she will not complain about me when i stay with her separately. What can be the possible causes for such behavior and now what can i do now as this leaves a lot of pressure on me and am not able to concentrate on anything and my health gets damaged? Maybe she is not the least bothered whatever happens, is the situation according to her behavior.

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