Should I be concered?

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    I am Male and I am 29. I work as an IT professional in bangalore.

    Throughout my life, I have felt the need to be someone who should be able to tolerate a lot of physical pain. I have never acted on these feelings, where I have tried to harm myself or hide an injury (until two or three months ago). This needs dissappears from time to time, sometimes for years. Until now I have never been concerned about it because I have acted on this need. But, starting 2 or 3 months ago I have started hurting myself. It has been nothing major. . Here are a list of few things I have done:
    1) I have tried to burn my hand with ice and salt. But thinking it might cause permanent tissue damage I have removed it after few minutes.
    2) I have forced myself to sit in uncomfortable positions for long time.
    3) I have tried mild self flagellation.
    4) I have superficially cut my skin a few times. (Past 3-4 days).
    5) I have tried to pierce myself with a medical needle. (The one you get with disposable syringe).

    I think I should be concerned about all this and seek out professional help but I am unable to convince myself to go and see a professional.

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