Should I get married with this girl? Please help

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    Anjan Roy

    I am a male, 30 years and currently living in Delhi for my job. My parents have found a girl for me to marriage who is now 22+ and currently doing her MSc. I need to ask you whether I should marry this girl as we have 8 years long gap. Some people say that it is not a good thing to marry someone with huge age difference. Secondly, she wants to stay in her hometown for at least one more year to complete her MSc course. Should I keep her there or bring with me in Delhi? If she comes with me, she would not be able to finish her course. Please help. What should I do?



    Hi anjan , its really not a problem of marrying the girl. Only thing is u has to wait untill she finishes her study because if she comes with u then her study will be wasted.

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