So many people around but still lonely…

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    Hi I am 23 years old female. I think that people always misunderstand me…So while speaking to anyone,i become very cautious and make more mistakes. I always feel like I have achieved nothing in my life. I have worked in a bpo and then in a recruitment firm. I lost my father at the age of 19. I have an elder sister,who is jst like my father, holds the responsibilty of the whole family,an elder infact the eldest child brother not so sensitive has got a job in Govt sector..a younger brother studies in class 9th. My mom is darling inspiration for any lady,has struggled a lot in her life is a housewife.i have seen all the ups and downs in my family.My elder brother and sister have not seen my father struggling with cancer.I dont know why I have started being so low confident,depressed girl.I make mistakes everytime…I feel all alone everytime. I cant concentrate anywhere. Due to some clashes,I made mess in the last office…i m not getting my salary for one month…n if i want to get it i have to clarify few things…in which I m not interested…Help me!!! So that I may stop making mistakes,be practical and may have the guts to kick out the irritating people from my mind. I am ruining my present coz of them…i cant prove myself right,when I m right in reality…I always think of my family…take tension and think think and think….

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