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    i have been living in an apartment for past 6 years. there i made many friends and we had a gala time. but for last one year things have changed and i feel back stabbed and used by my so called friends.
    i have been very close to one of them in group. when i met her 6 years ago, she was going through a very rough phase with her husband and in laws. i helped her in all her emotional problems with full honesty as i had seen same happening with one of my cousins. i could feel the pain and wanted her to become strong and take her out of this mess. she in mean time gave birth to a child. i took care of her child as if my own baby as her problems were affecting her little baby which i couldn’t see. there was nothing which we didn’t share. 2 years back when i got pregnant she herself took a standing of not discussing her problem with me as it will affect my baby. i understood that but then slowly she even stopped calling me up and stopped helping me out.I still used to take out time and visit her and try to maintain contacts. then when my baby was 7 months my husband’s company was sending him to US for 3 months with family so i went with him.
    and when i returned back things changed completely. my this friend stopped talking to me and even others in group distanced themselves from me. She even started talking roughly to me. no body allowed their kids to play with my daughter nor did they ever come to my place to spend time with me which they previously did.
    Can somebody tell me where did i go wrong? i was not hurt with others behaviour so much but the one whom i talked about…. now as her daughter has grown up and things have settled a little in her life so now has got no use of me. I got so disturbed after this that i virtually stopped talking to anyone in my apartment and dont take my daughter to anyone’s home. i am scared of starting up from new again. dont know will ever be able to make friend again. can some body tell tell what is friendship in todays time?

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