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    Hello there,

    I’ve this embarrassing problem….I never had this problem in my life before… The problem start like this…
    I was in a very tight and pressurized situation about studies and my future. I started getting lost in deep thoughts and keep thinking about something which would get me nowhere. i would get lost in thoughts but i would arrive at no conclusion or decision. Unfortunately, in a lecture i got lost thinking about something and my eyes were at my sir’s butt. I didn’t even realize that i was looking there. It happened 3-4 times but then after few days the thinking process shifted to something else and i realized that i was looking at sir’s butt. though i tried to look at sir’s face my eyes fell on the same place where i use to get lost in deep thought…. i don’t know how to explain. i never experienced this problem before in my life. Neither I’m gay nor a pervert. I’m not a bad person.i feel ashamed and embarrassed of this thing. please advice me how to get out of this thing… I have a strong feeling that i suffer from multiple personality disorder or some other mental disorder, though not severely but may be in mild form.

    Thank you very much.
    [email protected]

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