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    happY GOALA

    Dear Prachi,

    I got married 2 years back with almost my dream husband, who is also 5 years elder to me, but I find that age gap perfect. Although our marriage was arranged but we started our relation with a note friendship.
    My husband is caring, understanding, but sometimes I feel he is very adamant about his thought process. He never try to re-think or should I say revisits his decision.
    Both of us are working. I am earning 4.4 Lacs/annum and he earns 12.0 Lacs/annum. We have our own flat and car. The EMI for both are paid by him. I take care of the groceries and rest for my individual expense and I save almost 70% of the money.
    My problem is, my husband always wants to split the finances starting from gifting my parents from my pocket and his parents from his pocket to having separate bank accounts.
    I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but whenever he tells something like “”you buy my flight tickets if it is your sister’s engagement or else I cannot make it””, I feel so hurt! My father had expired when I was 14 and my Mom stays alone in another city. I always have expected a supportive reaction from his side. But whenever it comes to my parents and family, he behaves as if they are going to suck out all his money. My mom is working and is a very dignified lady. We have learnt to live in the same manner. I am working and do not depend on my husband for small things.

    At the same time, I also believe in a marriage we need to work as two wheels of the bicycle whether it is finances, respect or expressing feelings. Sometimes I feel he does not love me from heart! I feel so alone, he never even tries to settle the things, never feels the way I feel when we have a fuss. Please help me asap.

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