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    I have met this adorable guy through phone contacts in 2009. He’s a guy with good moral values, gives respect to elders, understanding and very genuine. We are of same age(23 yrs). We were madly in love without seeing each other only through phone calls. Soon we met face to face and dated for about 2 yrs. After which we decided to take our relationship further and started living-in. We were together and very happy with our relationship. I handle his business and accounts. Whereas, recently he’s employed to a government service. Currently I live with my parents and he lives at his official residence which is far from mine. Since then he started loosing interest in me and stopped calling me (this happened for the first time after our 4 yrs of dating). Now he says he wants to break up and love to be single. But I still love him a lot. Its been almost 2 months we don’t speak to each other like couples. I miss him every second and everyday. But he doesn’t understand that. He even stopped thinking or caring about me. I feel I should get him by hook or crook. But I don’t find any way. Because I don’t hope that he would come back to me. I feel very lonely without him and don’t find any reason to live. I have also talked to him regarding this, but I found it to be of no use. We are still in touch and help each other but not as couples. Please help me to get our relationship back. I really can’t live without him. I want us to be happy as before and be happy couples. If I don’t get him I have decided even not to marry my entire life. Because I have loved him truly. Someone please help me out. Please give me a solution. How can I handle and tackle this breakup. I am having sleepless nights and irritated often because of this breakup. I feel there’s nothing left for me except death.

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