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    Dear Ma’am,
    I’m 23 years old. I am suffering from stammering right from my childhood. I have always been amongst the topper in studies. In 2013, i had completed MSc in electronics without any interest in this subject. And currently working as a temporary lecturer. I rarely find me stammering when i used to teach in class. But when i have to make conversation with senior teachers or unknown person and while speaking on phone, i still make long pauses while speaking. And as i told u, i am not interested in ths subject wanted to do something else. When i was in 10+2 std i was fascinated much about indian armed forces, and i decided to go for it though i was aware of my problem. As you know the procedure of selection, at the time tests like narration of story and group discussion i was stammering too much, bt in other tests my i was performing well during the second phase of SSB interviews. Due to my past experiences, after graduation i have fearing to go for SSB. And at this stage, i’m not liking any other field as a career other than this. I had consulted speech therapist but she says i dont have any problem. But i know that i am a stammerer. My parents also used to tell me…nautanki karta hai…kaam ka jaan pe aata hai isliye natak karta hai…My life getting worse as no one understanding my problem. People thinks i speaks less, as i have attitude. Now a days, i am talking to myself for hours, fearing to stupid things, sleeping for hours, living passive life, fighting with my parents, lost interest in studies…always thinking about my stammering problem and its effect on designing my career. Please help me to get out of this problem and to remove stammering.

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