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    I am a student. i did my schooling from a boarding school n kinda used too combined studies. i did score well n good in boardz approx 90% being a science student! I took biotechnology as an additional subjct in class 11 n scored 99 out of 100. i am interested in biotech. But i have always dreamt of becomng an mbbs doctor. So after class 12th i came to my town n joined a reputed coaching for my medical preparations, firstly it was good but later on due to lack of islation or may b a studyng partner i just lost that grip on my studies. I didnt study on the whole, my phy is weak in order to boost it up i lagged in other subjects, n landed up nt crackng any of the competitive for mbbs, in same tym i did crack bds n btechbiotech. My exams are over now, n i hvnt got into any of the govt collge n evrybody knows affording mbbs degree from private collge is very big deal!! so now, i m in dilemma dat whether i should go for btech biotech(in niet or srm, dunno if there is scope in it) or mbbs from sum average private collge (vch z vry xpensve) or should i drop again n go join allen kota so that i can crack it next year!!!!!



    Hey.. First of all congratulations for getting such good marks in your board exams 🙂 and friend, please you don’t need to be disheartened for not getting into a MBBS college. Im sure you would have worked hard to get it but now as it didn’t really workout well don’t worry.. There are definitely better plans for you. Your post suggests your interest in biotechnology too. So I would suggest you to join a biotechnology course in a good college and you may give MBBS exams next year too. If you get it next year, well and good, and if not, no problem.. You would be already doing what you like.

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