Stressed/ depressed due to not studying….

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    Hii, I’m namrata and I want a solution. Actually I’m preparing for a competitive exam and in starting i study well & thought to make it high but either of going high, it has gone to down & Bcoz of that now I’m totally unable to focus on my studies. I said to myself that I have time but whenever I started studying I’m totally distracted & then I leave the whole & its making me more & more guilty day by day….



    Hi namtrata, it means you are not focusing on studies but instead of that you have thinking about the future results from that exam or having fear about exam. so its common for many as when they going to think about negative things in their mind. do you have any abstractive things in your mind other then studies ? or do you have any external force or pressure to study more..?


    Mayur Bhole

    I think study is important but if you found yourself guilty,and unfocused youshould try to meditate daily because it’ll calms you and it’ll help to focus not only on uour study but also every work you do.Try it for a week of time and then yuo’ll see the change in you.


    Namrata Singh

    hi namrata,
    Preparing for competitive exams requires a lot of patience and hard work.The question is are you doing it because u want to do it.Evaluate yourself and then decide are you really keen on cracking a competitive exam.Be honest to yourself and let me know.


    Vinita Tiwari

    Hi Namrata,

    You are made and bound to win. You do not know the unlimited power of your subconscious mind. Its only winning or learning. there no losing. You should take the following steps which is bound to give you surprise:-

    (a) Get yourself cut off from un necessary Mobile calls, NO use of Whats app, FB and other social apps and do not meet friends and relatives. they might feel bad now but once you succeed they are the first one to say, ” I knew you would surely succeed”

    (b) Get schedule of exam and jot down your plan of study ie First detailed reading, Second detailed reading, third revision, fourth crash study and fifth final touch within a fortnight of exam date.

    (c) Keep meeting positive and successful persons who can guide you on daily basis so that your motivation level is not et all lowered even for a day.

    (d) Awake your conscious by knowing yourself by meditating for min 25 min in the morning and 20 min in the evening. Meditation can be done any time after 5 min of meal. You can find out ways to meditate from internet.

    (e) Listen relaxing music for 2 to 3 times a day.

    (f) Help other students out for similar exams in whatever way you can.

    Believe you me if you can follow these suggestions , the whole universe will render you everything you desire strongly.

    All the best



    Hi namrata.. i am facing the exacyly same situation. Did above methods work for you? Or is there any other things u did to cope up with that? Please help

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