Stuck in a forbidden relationship

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    I am a 23 year old woman. Married for the past 2 years. My husband, 30 years age, is well settled in his career and I am also working. We are happily married and stay in Bangalore. We still do not have any kid.

    My in-laws were settled in Kolkata. Around a year back, my mother-in-law expired. After this my husband insisted my father-in-law stay with us in Bangalore – as otherwise he would have been very alone in Kolkata where we hardly have any relatives.

    I happily accepted this proposal as my father-in-law is a nice gentleman. He is just 56 years. He was in service during the early days in his career. After leaving services he continued to work in the private sector and took an early retirement when he was 50 only to pursue his passion for travel, trekking, sports, etc. Extremely active, jovial and a warm person.

    After he moved in with us in Bangalore, life was as usual. In fact, with my father-in-law around – lot of my household responsibilities were reduced. Most of the outdoor work he took up. I work from home – and this helped me concentrate better on my work.

    Things were just perfect during the first 6 months. It was after that I started feeling – there is something different with my father-in-law. I could feel the difference in his eyes.

    After my husband used to leave for office, rest of the day, both of us will be together at home. While I worked from my room – but we will frequently chat up over a coffee, meet during lunch, etc. I could get a strange feel – he is eyeing my body. Here and there – he will steal a glance. May be my bare waist and navel – if I am in a saree. My be my breasts if I am in a Tee. Initially I felt – it was my mistake. To be sure, I started being around him faking to be ignorant about his glance – but soon discovered – he was enjoying every bit of my bare skin or my moves.

    From a strange feel initially, I used to feel pity for him – poor old man. After the initial days of irritation, I started finding it fun to notice him eyeing every inch of my body. It was more to now irritate him – to make him feel frustrated. Many a times, I will intentionally dress provocatively. Will wear my saree exposing my navel. Or wear the tee without bra. Or move around in a low waist jeans and bend in front of him for any kind of reason to show him. I also once noticed him touching my undergarments that were left for drying in the balcony. I will intentionally then keep my lingerie around for him to see and touch.

    Slowly he also started becoming shameless. We will have daily lunch together – and he will continue to gape my breasts while speaking to me on the lunch table.

    Now, in between all these fun – I started enjoying his attention. He is actually very smart and well built. At his age of 56 he is full of stamina – goes for daily jogs and evening tennis sessions. I actually used to feel excited and weak at my knees when a man like him was passionately looking at me.

    It did not take more than a month or so – when one day he grabbed me in the kitchen while I was preparing for our lunch. Yes, I resisted while his hands climbed from my waist to my breasts. I knew it was danger for me. But I did not run off or slap him. My feeble resistance and no – he interpreted as yes. Not sure when and how he carried me to his bedroom – and in the next hour or so I did not do anything but to surrender to him fully.

    It was almost evening – when I woke up from sleep realising I am naked and on his bed.

    First few days, I found it strange to face my husband. But slowly got back my courage. After that afternoon incident – I could not accept my husband physically. I rejected his moves on some or the other pretext. I could not mentally accept – both father and son!!! But how long??

    Now I have given up. I wake up in the morning from my husband’s bed. Wash myself off his traces of love. Cook for him. He leaves by 9. I slip into my seductress role. Continue rest of the day – indulging in all sorts of love games. Come evening – I go back to my good daughter-in-law mode.

    Now – slowly I am realising I am heading for disaster. I am ruining my worklife. I am hardly working during the day. He does not let me. It starts the moment my husband leaves. After he is happy with a round of love making, he will not let me work. Only if I am on a call then leave me alone. That too sometimes – he will keep caressing me. I also indulge with him.

    In the night – I shamelessly join my husband in similar games.

    Both of them hate using condoms – I need not say more.

    But what do I do next. May be after a year or so? Or when we want a baby? My father-in-lay does not let me go even when I am having my periods. Will he leave me alone when I want to conceive?

    How can I continue this all through my life? How do I come out???

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