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    Dear sir/ma’am,
    I am a student in IIT Delhi.I got selected in IIT JEE in 2012 and took admission in a 5 year dual degree course here.Since I got here,I don’t know what has happened to me.Since I was failing in all courses in my first semester,I took a sem withdrawal,disturbing my parents very badly.I promised to them that this shall never ever happen again.But since last three semesters,I have been failing in all my courses,now I have a 2 years back.My parents know nothing about it,they have very huge hopes and expectations from me.They think I am normal and academic performance is very good(since i have been lying to them about my grades and academic performance).I am not under influence of any kind of bad habits like smoking,etc.I have made no friends here,because of my very reserved nature.I just feel lonely,depressed and terrible whole day.
    Now i just want to start afresh.I am 2 years behind any other guy(actually three years because I had dropped 1 year after 12th to prepare for IIT JEE exam,a similar story had happened in my high school years when I was sent Kota for JEE preparation).I don’t know what to say to my parents,I betrayed their love,care and hopes for me.
    Please give your valuable suggestions,I’ll feel grateful forever.
    Thank you.



    just wna say..dont wry..wotever happend till now just say everythin to ur parents and have self confindce, if u have realized wot was goin wrong till date , try to over come it nd start wid postive atitude..nd leave rest on god…!!!
    bst luck for ur future…!!


    Riya Sharma

    I hope you are going well.
    I found answers to your problem from my cousion’s life experience. She is a MBBS student. She too had many backs in MBBS and was two years behind but her fate changed, when she prepared again for all her supplys and scored the highest.
    Sometimes we focus only at our present circumstance, we get a lot worry about them. Think of your life,the moment when you gonna pass out from IIT Delhi,having a job in your hand. clearing exams is ni big deal, if you can clear IIT JEE exam, so what in this exams.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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