Suffering from panic and fear plz give me solution

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    this is rohan. M starting my story from begining. I was living my life with less confidence. When i was in collage i smoked weed and that time i felt like m dying. My heart started beating fast i was not able to breath. It was like heart attack. That day i didnt sleep my heart was beating fastly. After that my parents visited me to the psycological doctor and they gave me some medicine. But after 4years now still fear about my panic. I dont have confident. Feel like can die anytime. Can anyone tell me what is happening with me. Is there solution for me.



    Hi rohan it was just an fear of death which comes to everyone in certain ages. When u have fear that you will die ,infact everyone will gonna die one day. So don’t remember the same thing again and again. When the people has fear of death then they will not do any bad thing. When you will feel like that then just take a breath death and remember that everybody will die. You are not the only one, for this purpose alwsys think positive. If u have any question u can ask us..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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