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    I’m married 3 and half years back and mine is a love marraige. Overall its good except in few things. My husband is scolding my parents (only with me). If I wont listen to him, he will give complaint to my father by explaining the situation. If I’m arrogant or cutting his phone calls during the conversations he gets anger and behave rudly.. I feel bad about it. Right now im carrying and into my 7th month. He wants to have my delivery in his town rather than my parents home. He is okay if they come here for delivery. I know its full of effection or love or something… but I’m ok to delivery in his town rather than my home town as Im a working women in his town only. So after delivery im planning to go to my parents home, but he is saying that after baby delivery (6months) only have to go from here. I tried to explain my feelings to my husband but he wont listen anything and he will do what ever he decided. If i keep on repetedly asking the same, its leading to unnecessary distrubances or arguments. Finally, i’M only sending sorry messages for anybodys mistake then only he is calming down and talking to me in a nice manner. My final question is, how to change him ?

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