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    I have teenage son and he is studying in twelth standard, he failed to clear two subjects of 12th last year, he is not very good in studies and he always says that he does not understand any of the subjects, plus I ask him to do course in any of the field he likes but he is not committed to do or finish it. He has the problem of white patches all over his body and that makes him insecure, and he thinks that he is not good looking plus he has good relationships with friends,specially girls, and finally always he is landing in a relationship with girls, thrice this has happened and still now he is having another girl friend. he cannot concentrate on studies,also he does not feels the responsibilty of being the elder in the family, now he 20 years old and zi have a son who is 14. I just need the help to solve this problem and someone who can make my son understand the meaning of study and resposibility.

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