The undisturbingly disturbed!

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    Everyone is happy, and you’re supposed to be too. You’re called the most talented extrovert among your circles. And you’re just so into everything that you can proudly say you’re a jack of all but master of none. Not everything goes the way you expect but then you know how to smile through all your storms. Trying to make everyone smile and keep everyone happy, you end up crying yourself to sleep. Any idea what your problem is?


    Its good to smile and spread happiness weather u are happy or sad etc. But its also important to share your true feelings with people rather than just trying to make them happy as if u are obligated. I dont see any big problem here just that there is no point in crying and eating urself up from inside about ur problems beacuse that would multiply them. Just try to solve the problems that make u cry with a smile and take the help of other people if u want.:)


    Ya everyone will not think as same as us. Problem will comes to each and everyone, life is just how we take it. Facing the problem is better then run out from it by negative thoughts. Life is short but nobody understands it. Live for today and die for tomorrow may be a old proverb but live happily until to die so only u can make ur life beautiful not from others. As we grow up problems will also grows but our mind also get mature from this. So take it everything with a positive lesson and go for future..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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