There’s this girl I like…..

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    Hiii everyone…. I’m 18…… so I’m writing this because I have trouble dealing with this one crush I have on a girl…..
    I know her for about 7 years… we were really good friends at first,…. and I din’t have a crush on her at that time…… but about 4 years back we had a fight in school…. and at that time I was really like fine.. whatever…. and I don’t care but somehow 2 years later I ended up having a crush on her… and we really didn’t talk that time… also I was really shy so I couldn’t just go and tell her…. but whenever we met or passed by we just passed a smile to each other…… the last year I made an fake account to tell her how much I liked her but didn’t tell her my name…… I also sent her one of my baby pictures… she recognized me and asked me about it… I denied that I was that guy… but the good thing was we were talking….. we had 2 long hour text conversations but strangely we still didn’t talk in school (fact : she is pretty popular in school and I’m a studious student… a cute one though)…then as I was uncertain that if she was just being friendly or liked me I made another fake account as one of her friends and I told her that I liked her… she confronted me again but I denied…. also she called me but I had to hang up on her because my mom was standing right besides me (I’m from India and my parents really want me to focus on my studies and not indulge in an y of this)… she thought it was rude of me to hang up the phone and was mad at me… although I said sorry and everything things weren’t the same…. so now I said I wanted to talk to her in person…. face to face…. but the thing is I couldn’t find the perfect moment…. I just wanted to tell her how much I loved her and I thought I would be ok if she didn’t feel the same. so one day when I asked her that if she was free the next day… she replied very rudely… and in my fit of anger I messaged her how I loved her….. she said and I qoute “I don’t wanna date anybody now, and don not let this ruin our friendship”.I messaged her that I understood and it was fine….. For a few days I felt so happy finally letting this out. Also now whenever we meet we still just pass smiles to each other. Now the thing is I feel sad… that we are not together….I mean I’m cute , I’m studious, I’m well mannered, I’m always treated her like a lady why can’t we just be together….. I feel very lonely and its like a void…… I just van’t stop thinking about her and I can’t focus on anything….. Please help me



    Hi , it is a common attraction comes for the youths in this age. Don’t make it so seriously because u still don’t know what are the problems you are gonna face tomorrow from this.
    Be friendly but it is not gud in this age, just think that you have better future and you will find a better girl then her…

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