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    My relationship ended last year. And at the end of it I felt insulted, humiliated and stupid. I overcame the break-up and resumed the normal life. But the problem is my unconscious mind or my emotional self makes me think bout the painful moments again and again and then I also imagine situations where I would meet him. Over the time i stopped getting hurt by such episodes as they occur many times in a day. But the thing is they are still strong enough to make me wanna contact him and i seriously dont wanna do it. At the end of each episode i feel jaded and exausted. How should I stop imagining stuff like that.



    I am not really sure what to say except that I am going through the same thing. It ended four months ago. And I understand. It sucks to have these thoughts. Its like stuck there and you can’t move on. Its Luke a record playing over and over again. Personally, your message scares me. I am in this whirlpool and I hope I don’t remain stuck there. The only point I can think of…is..that our egos shouldn’t have to go through that rejection all over again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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