trust is gone

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    i dont knw where to start but these past years have been really hard for me …
    i have had 3 guys in my life till now and they broke every piece of soul left in me …
    i have been called names when i was in my frst relationship… i have been sexually harassed and beaten by his friends by his will when i was in second relationship and when at last i thought that no this time its gonna be okay ..
    things just shattered like a broken glass
    the person claimed to love some1 esle and i lost every last ounce of trust i had in love or anything …
    the problem is its a year since we broke off things i just cant move on …
    every time i try i get scared…
    its just impossible for me to trust any1 rght now…
    i feel that i just next moment thy are going laugh at my stupidity and leave me …
    this is something i wnt to move on from..
    i dnt want to be able to trust people …

    what do i do?



    Hi how can u make your relationship with unknown guys can u tell me first? And can u give us your email address



    I cannot send u msg because u have disabled your private msg option . Please make sure of that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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