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    I am a doctor married to a doctor .it was an arranged marriage and we went out for about 3 months before getting married . Later on he told me that he had a girlfriend . Ok I didn’t even think about it then
    Then 25 yrs into the marriage one day I found him sitting dreamily on the couch with his e mails open . Later I logged on and read the daily mails to his girlfriend and her replies about having a relationship ‘WITHOUT disturbing others ‘ . All this happened about 5 yrs ago . I created a ruckus tried to leave him , attempted suicide but he said sorry and we went about it . Later on the sly I found that he had created another mail I’d and was still communicating .
    Now it’s 5 yrs since then and now he wants to go to mumbai to meet his ‘friends ‘ . I still do not trust him and am very stressed . As a record he never goes anywhere alone without me but now suddenly he wants to go … Alone … HELP ,,,

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